La Morena Chipotle chilli in Adobo 198g

La Morena Chipotle chilli in Adobo 198g


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Traditional and smoky in adobo sauce chipotle chilli ready to be used in stews and salsas for tacos and enchiladas

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Chiles chipotles enteros en adobo

Its unique sweet and smoky flavor has overtones of chocolate and tobacco with a consistent deep subtle heat. Scoville units: 5-6 (5,000-10,000)


Mostly used to flavor salsas, sauces, chili, stews, and soups, chipotles may be ground to make a table spice.

Blend with olive oil, garlic, and salt to make a marinade for poultry and pork.

They are commonly found canned in red adobo sauce, a mixture of spices, tomatoes, onions, and vinegar. The flesh is thick, so the chiles are usually used in a slow-cooked dish rather than raw.


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