• Red Mole Poblano paste, Dona Maria This Dona Maria Mole, has the right amount of spices, seeds, heat and chocolate but it also has chicken stock. To make the traditional Chicken Mole, just add some paste to a heat pan, slowly add chicken stock till the paste is thin but still a bit firm. Spread it on top of cooked chicken (boiled), add Mexican rice and voila! Your mole is ready.Use it as a filling for tamales or for brunch to top your fried eggs, or if you want to be more adventurous, use it as a pizza base. This sauce is popular in the central and southern regions of the country with those from Puebla and Oaxaca the best known, but simpler versions of mole poblano did make their way north. However, northern versions are far less complex and generally used to make enchiladas.The popularity of the sauce, especially at major celebrations, is such that 99% of all Mexicans have tried at least one version of it.
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