Huazontle Seeds/Aztec Spinach (20 seeds)

Huazontle Seeds/Aztec Spinach (20 seeds)

AUD $10.00

Semillas de Huazontle (100 seeds)

Note that for Quarantine control reasons we are unable to send seeds to WA and TAS


Huauzontle is a Mexican vegetable related to the common American weed goosefoot, that vaguely resembles broccoli although the stems are much thinner and support fewer of the leaves.

Contains large amounts of calcium and Vitamin A and compare in nutritive value to approximately one cup of milk or one serving of spinach, also contains riboflavin, Vitamin C, and protein.

As with other members of the goosefoot family, huauzontle is edible and it is typically prepared in a manner similar to spinach or broccoli. Alternatively, huauzontles can be encased in an egg batter and deep fried with a stick of salty Mexican cheese.

Huazontle plant is traditionally used to make prawn patties for Christmas “tortitas de huazontle”

Impossible to get in Australia before, now you can grow your own at home in time for Christmas.

Growing instructions: Sow in spring after last frosts in temperate zones all year in sub-tropics.



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