La Costena Green Enchilada Salsa 420g

La Costena Green Enchilada Salsa 420g

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Salsa para enchiladas verdes La Costena 420g

No one knows exactly who was the first person to wrap a tortilla, fill it, and eat it, but the practice originated with the ancient Aztecs.

The tasty dish did not come to be known as enchiladas until the mid to late 19th century. The term means “in chile,” which refers to the tortilla being dipped into a chile sauce before being filled and eaten.



Acidic and mildly spicy.



to make Green enchiladas.



Green enchiladas - Prepare green enchiladas at home by warming up the tortillas, fold them in half or roll them up as a taco, fill them with cooked shreded chicken and then cover them in La Costena Salsa para Enchiladas Verdes.

Heat them up in the oven for about half an hour, take them out of the oven, put some sour cream, fresh cheese, lettuce, slices of white onion and enjoy!

To make “enchiladas Suizas”, put some melting cheese on top of the enchiladas before putting them in the oven. For a vegetarian version, fill the tortilla with cooked carrot and potato cut in small cubes.

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