Juanita's chipotle salsa 270g

Juanita's chipotle salsa 270g

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Salsa casera de chipotle Juanita's 270g

This Chipotle salsa is based on a traditional Mexican recipe with some little tweaks.

It is a rich, smokey salsa with a nice “warmth”  from the chipotle chillies without being overly hot as we have carefully de-seeded and de-veined each chilli.

Chipotles are jalapeño’s that have been picked after they have turned a deep red and then smoke dried. They are often a key ingredient which impart a mild but warm and  earthy spiciness to many dishes in Mexican cuisine. 





You can use it straight from the jar as a Salsa with corn chips, in Taco’s, as a sauce with scrambled eggs or even on burgers as an alternative to tomato sauce.



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