Juanita's salsa picante 250g

Juanita's salsa picante 250g

AUD $12.99

Salsa casera picante Juanita's 250g

It is tangy and spicy and it is a cross between a Sriracha and a famous classic Mexican sauce that has been a favourite here and in Mexico for years. 

The added bonus is ...ta da, it's completely sugar-free, sweetened with only with apples, made from gluten free ingredients, vegan-friendly with no added nasty stuff. A healthy hot sauce for all your spicy needs. 

It is versatile and will spice up all your favourites from Nachos to soups and even seafood


Hot hot hot.


Salsa Picante can also be used as a cooking sauce  with chicken or pork and serve in Tacos or with Mexican rice and tortilla’s.




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